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yesterday monkey award antiscience mr ken ham 1st annual biggest bonehead award for outstanding stoopididity in year 2014. it not easy choice. why. here why. there many many candidate for big bonehead award like sarah palin & michelle bachman & pat robertson & living dead ex vice president dick cheney & many mans & ladies in entertainment industry & sports & etc etc etc.

today monkey make presentment of 1st annual wonderful human award 2014. there many many candidate for award & it hard for monkey make choosing. but finally monkey pick out malala yousafzai. young lady malala yousafzai stand up for human right & education. there death threat still hang over head of malala but still young lady speak out anyway. monkey love courage of young lady & monkey = 100 % happy for give 1st annual award of wonderful human 2014 to malala yousafzai. malala have more courage & moral evolvement than monkey ever have & more than most human creature ever have.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope malala yousafzai live long life & keep on fight for human right & dignity & education.