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monkey = student of human creature. always simple brain of monkey watch & listen & use brain for make judging about what human creature all over earth planet say & do.

in year 2014 there great # of bonehead what open mouth & do thing what make monkey scratch head. why monkey scratch head. here why. monkey scratch head for show not understand why human creature with big brain with many wrinkle still crank out 100 % stoopididity.

Man explain it because of innate stupidity or indoctrination or both. monkey not understand & ask Man explain please. Man explain & say bonehead either born bonehead or made bonehead. or both.

monkey think back then over great year 2014 & decide for give 1st annual big bonehead award. monkey make award for man or lady what work hard for destroy science or reason or evidence of eye & ear. or all three.

there many many candidate what monkey consider. but this year monkey watch debate between bill nye science guy & mr ken ham antiscience guy. that make monkey decide for give big bonehead 2014 award to mr ken ham for = 5 star general in bonehead army what make war on science & reason.

for reader who not know mr ken ham = leader of answers in genesis bunch of human creature what build creation museum in great state kentucky in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. mr. ken ham say big bang never happen & evolution = hoax & earth = 6000 year old & everything created in six  24 hour day & because all animal life made on day 6 then human & dinosaur live together & there no alien life + etc etc etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not have big disappoint if candidate of reader not win big bonehead 2014 award. there always next year 2015. monkey hope too reader not big fan of mr ken ham & have big offense about award monkey make presentment of today. monkey call it like monkey see it. before end of year monkey make great human award for 2014 so reader come back later & find out.