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Wesołych świąt i szczęśliwego nowego roku. that what Man say to all reader all over earth planet but extra special for mans & ladies & littles in great beautiful country poland. but monkey say just happy xmas reader. today monkey play jolly santa creature & give reader 2 100 % free gift of time present.


# 1 today. monkey present latest more why reader maybe ditch facebook or never join facebook. Man quit facebook timesink long time ago & say life go on very well indeed without facebook. it not so easy any more for delete account but click here for see step for delete. monkey point out deactivate not same thing as delete.


#2 today. almost 34 year ago Man quit smoking. Man try many time quit deadly product sold by serial killer tobacco industry. it not easy addiction for break but Man finally stop smoke nasty filthy cigarette. monkey think maybe good gift of time = help reader stop smoke & add time to life if reader smoke. here link for help reader stop smoke addiction. monkey say begin stop now today and not wait for make resolution of new year. try stop now & not stink up house for xmas and kill lung & heart more. and not start creepy habit of suck in vape crap too.

# 3 today = super surprise happy xmas bonus for mans & ladies & littles what not have facebook or nasty smoke addiction. monkey make presentment of 1 more gift what = old xmas time cartoon what monkey like w/ donald duck & 2 chipmunk creature. but it ok for facebook person & smoke addict watch too.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have 100 % a + happy xmas day.