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today = day # 23 in month of december in year of 2104. monkey make presentment of public service & remind reader today = festivus. yay.

it day for not celebrate consumerism & materialism crap like hallowthanxmas. no. it day for do feat of strength & air grievance & etc. today monkey go ahead & give reader link for festivus dot com so reader learn about great festivus holiday & how celebrate festivus.

monkey not have powerful muscle anywhere so today monkey not do feat of strength. monkey have 1 only festivus miracle for report. miracle = monkey still blog now for 4+ year. but monkey have grievance for air this day today. here list of 11 grievance off top of simple brain of monkey

  1. still no robot servant for cook & serve dinner & sweep house clean & do laundry & turn into little jet for fly monkey to play miniature golf in florida.
  2. monkey wealth = still only 6 or 7 penny & no one want hire monkey not even at call center. this not fair because monkey not get trickle down river of $$$ what uber rich like koch brother & sheldon adelson & waltons & etc want share for good of every one in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.
  3. living dead creature like mr ex vice president dick cheney & mr ex nyc mayor rudy nosferatu giuliani still keep jump out from hole of darkness for get attention & make trouble
  4. mommy ladies in supermarket what tell little misbehaving brat im going to start counting now
  5. mans & ladies what still use word democracy when  kakistocracy or plutocracy or oligarchy = 100 % more true
  6. oprah offspring dr oz & dr phil fill world with drivel
  7. annoying stupid name celebrity give kiddie like royal reign & mirabella bunny & seven sirius & saint lazlo & etc
  8. human creature still fight all over earth planet and not grow up for act nice like civilized sock monkey
  9. brainless annoying word like at the end of the day & yolo & selfie & obamacare & bogo & with all due respect & im just sayin & etc etc etc. and start sentence with so or like.
  10. hot air from right wing pundit speed up global warming
  11. science denier bonehead destroy earth planet & civilization with stoopididity

goodbye today reader. monkey already this year give thanks on blog for many good thing in simple life of monkey. but it ok for air grievance for clear out brain of rubbish 1 time at least every year. monkey feel better now & monkey hope reader take time for flush brain today in spirit of great holiday festivus.