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monkey today read sad news of 2 policemans in nyc killed by bad man what make revenge for when police kill other citizen. monkey have simple brain with not many wrinkle or compute power. but even simple brain of monkey see killing of police by citizen & killing of citizen by police just ugly ripple on top of 100 % more big problem in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.

yes it sometime happen police need kill dangerous bad citizen who busy create danger or death for other mans & ladies & littles. that part of job of serve & protect. monkey think no one with brain bigger than pencil eraser argue. but serve & protect not = go ahead beat down or kill citizen who not make dangerous big threat. that make police look like killer sociopath. monkey know too revenge killing of today = evil thing what hatch in brain of killer who maybe think all police = killer bully what not true. it not win win situation in team u$a. no. it lose lose situation until society of team u$a grow up & evolve into society of real equal right & real opportunity for all citizen. not like corrupt & corrupting rigged society of today what corporation & puppet politician stooge & powerful robopath ideologue create & run for own selfish happiness.

monkey wonder when that evolvement happen. monkey wonder if ever it happen.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live in place where all mans & ladies & littles have peace & equality & safety & prosperousness. & sanity. if reader live there please let monkey know where. now monkey go hide under bed & close eyes & visit happy place for while.