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today monkey creativeness = poop out so monkey have nothing for share from simple brain so monkey instead tell reader where go for interesting stuff at 2 place on www dot internet dot com.

  1. go here for tom tomorrow cartoon tortured logic at daily kos.
  2.  if reader interested for find out what mean pisanzapra then reader go here for slideshow lost in translation at bbc. pisanzapra = 100 % favorite word of monkey in slideshow.

now it time for monkey do nonmandatory good deed for day. if reader have little free personal blog here at wordpress place like monkey then reader not have worry about malware soaksoak. but oh oh if reader have premium site here what use slideshow plugin thing slider revolution then reader better fast go here for find out what nasty thing go on.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have 100 % a + day without malware.