today monkey not feel like write about depressing & scary moral imbecile like politician or professional torturer or general motors or tobacco industry or takara airbag maker or etc etc etc. monkey have not 1 idea in simple brain for write about so monkey ask Man for idea. Man say hmmm & make think face. then Man say it hallowthanxmas time of self indulgence so why not write about guilty pleasure.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man say guilty pleasure = something mans and ladies enjoy but feel they should not enjoy for 1 reason or another reason. monkey not have any guilty pleasure. why. here why. because simple brain of monkey not have anything for have guilt about. monkey ask Man if he have guilty pleasure. Man laugh & say of course. what pleasure give Man guilt monkey ask. Man think & say here 5 thing off top of head.

  1. trader joe ridge cut salt & pepper potato chip
  2. monster horror & science fiction movie like hellraiser & predator
  3. leave it to beaver marathon watching
  4. buzzfeed
  5. stay in pajama & bathrobe all morning

monkey think guilty pleasure of Man not big deal & ask Man why he have guilt. Man say it because of way he raised & trained to think of self. but Man say too the older he get the less guilty he feel. especially about bathrobe thing.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have not too awful guilty pleasure for enjoy once in while. monkey think maybe little guilty pleasure = good for mental health of human creature & maybe help human creature have better meaning of life.