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1 time more simple brain of monkey collapse in confusedness. mr president barak obama say torture contrary to who we are. but monkey have 1 big question when hear word of mr president. question = who are we.

monkey wonder who = we & think answer not so simple. monkey think we not = 1 big united super team u$a family what stand on big moral highground. no. not when team u$a have team member what include

  • multi millionaire & billionaire & corporation & industry what own government & economy and crap on environment & future generation & poor mans & ladies & littles and put $$$ before peoples
  • career republicrap & democrap robopath politician what = spineless meat puppet of rich mans & ladies & corporation & industry
  • greedy corrupt ceo & banker & slick wall street cheat
  • mans & ladies what worship selfish individual & scream loud that everything else = socialism
  • evil mans & ladies what do everything possible for keep kakistocracy alive in team u$a by bamboozle citizen with illusion of democracy & freedom
  • bonehead what fear science & intellect & reason & evidence of eye and ear
  • moral imbecile what think practical result always trump moral principle
  • torturer
  • doctor & psychologist who help torturer do job
  • pundit & politician what cheerlead for torture squad of team u$a
  • etc etc etc

goodbye today reader. monkey scratch head for show not understand what mr president mean when he use word we. monkey scratch head for long time today and wonder who are we.