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monkey bet robopath republicrap politican & moron tea bagger tool all over # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave already bellyache about torture report & think it ok for team u$a have special team torture squad.

why. here why republicrap think it ok. 1. it probably good for economy & keep team u$a safe for corporation what own economy & government. 2. it probably say in bible somewhere that it ok for torture mans & ladies & littles. 3. even if it not good for economy & corporation and it not in bible it still ok because living dead republicrap dick cheney robopath say it ok so that make it ok. and hateful sarah palin tea bagger hagfish say waterboarding = good way for baptize terrorist so that make it ok too.

here 2 more bet monkey make. # 1. nobody on torture squad get even little bit ass kicking from mr president barak obama for torture other human being because patriot torturer have nuremberg defense for excuse. # 2. mr president just make vague comment how torture not = american value. and hope everybody go back asleep for next 2 year.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope torture report not make team u$a look like heavyweight hypocrite nation next time it make criticism of human right violation in other country on earth planet. but it probably way too late. way way too late.