monkey look in mirror and of a sudden see that monkey not have whiteness of race. maybe just little bit but mostly not. now monkey afraid for go out on street or in yard or etc because maybe cop beat crap out of monkey or choke monkey or shoot monkey dead. yes monkey know there many good cop in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. but there many bad cop too. Man say for monkey not worry. police not have interest in how monkey look or what monkey do or what simple brain of monkey think. monkey say not yet.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live in place where police not forget that police serve & protect mans and ladies and littles. and not punch & kick & club & slap man already on ground in handcuff. or not shoot dead little man who have toy pistol without check first what he have in hand. or gang up & kill unarmed man in front of camera & get stay out of jail card from grand jury. or etc etc etc.