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today monkey make post # 601. monkey wonder if 601 = interesting number & ask Man. Man say he pretty sure it prime number & tell monkey wait just 1 minute. Man go look & then say actually 601 = twin prime with prime number 599 & it very pretty centered pentagonal number too. monkey wonder if only peoples with mathy brain see prettiness in number.

but that not what monkey make presentment of today. no. today monkey share nice with reader poem what monkey write for celebrate 100 % special great season hallowthanxmas in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave & all over earth planet wherever consumer get in spirit of season & try find best deal & help sales figure go up for save world from economic collapse. here poem.

in big box stampede consumer get trampled

he want score big deal on big screen tv

he grab merchandise & stagger to check out

it all worth concussion & big doctor fee

goodbye today reader. monkey not think poem scan ok but monkey hope reader enjoy little poem from simple brain of monkey anyway. and number 601.