today it thanksgiving day & monkey see on televisionon many ad for go buy this & go buy that & shop shop shop. monkey ask Man if many consumer thing in many store = what monkey need show thanks for on day of thankfulness.

Man make frown face & say certainly not & say today Man & Lady & monkey show thanks for have many many good fortune & experience for enjoy.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & tell Man that = same thing Man & Lady & monkey do every day when sit at table for dinner food. that = correct say Man. only today it little bit different because sister of Lady and husband of sister of Lady come to house for join thankfulness together with Man & Lady & monkey & eat organic food of turkey + potato + squash + broccoli + cranberry sauce + stuffing. there gravy too. and pumpkin pie. and watch kennel club of philadelphia national dog show. and not go in store for shop. and not go into store on friday of blackness too.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader share nice thanksgiving time with family or friend or both. and have many good thing what bring happy thankfulness into life.