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Man not meet any one famous while travel around. but Man come home & shake hand with actor mr john ratzenberger who not just appear in televisionon show cheers. no. mr. ratzenberger appear in many movie & show. mr. ratzenberger = friendly & spend little bit time talk with Man about abraham lincoln. here now monkey share nice picture with reader. monkey replace head of Man with cue ball for privacy. face of mr. john ratzenberger not have disturbance. why. here why. monkey happy for give mr john ratzenberger free publicity on monkey blog now. monkey invite reader go visit site of mr. john ratzenberger.


here Man & actor mr john ratzenberger shake hand. Man on left there with cue ball head. Man & mr john ratzenberger born in different city but = same # year old on earth planet. both mans wear jeans & have beard & smile nice when Lady take picture.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader someday meet 100 % nice mr. john ratzenberger & shake hand & and say hello from sock monkey.