Man & Lady & monkey leave flagstaff in great state arizona and go in car for visit hoover dam place and drive more next to las vegas in great state nevada. here  monkey share picture & story nice with reader of end of trip in fall time of year 2014. when trip done Man & Lady & monkey fly home in jet airplane what not crash & blow up & kill every one. that why monkey here for share nice.


monkey visit dam of hooverness. it bore monkey 100 %. if reader want see more picture hoover dam then go google hoover dam.


behind hoover dam there lake mead with boat. monkey tell reader look close in picture for see white part on rock. 1 time water behind dam high like that and more higher even. but there big time of dryness in southwest of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave + human creature make more & more big suck up of water. Man say southwest = screwed.


Man take picture of Lady take picture of boulder basin what part of lake mead in back of dam of hooverness. water = dry up here too.


outside in front of hotel vdara where Man & Lady & monkey live in las vegas there strange sculpture thing of many boat all stuck on each the other. monkey wonder if boat come from place where there no water any more in great state nevada.


inside room where Man & Lady & monkey live in vdara hotel it = clean + comfortable + it have nice furniture. it suite. first when Man say it = time for go to suite monkey think it time for have candy. Man laugh and tell monkey lesson on homophone. suite & sweet like jeans & genes. not the same.


here other place in suite where mans & ladies can see televisionon & sit & relax feet and rest of body. there also little kitchen place with refrigerator machine + microwave + sink + table + 2 chair + etc. there also little nook with chair + desk. there too big bathroom place where mans & ladies clean self nice in shower or tub what not = together in same 1 place. there also free kleenex like in chicago & santa fe & flagstaff & on train.


Man & Lady & monkey go on foot for explore strip of las vegas. here in bellagio hotel place Man take 1 more picture of Lady take picture of tree what talk & blink & scare monkey little bit like talking tree in wizard of oz movie.


monkey see weird creature by palace of caesar & scratch head for show not understand. Man explain it = greek version of sphinx. monkey wonder why greek sphinx sit outside roman casino and Man just shrug shoulder.


monkey see 1 more sphinx what have door what go inside luxor casino hotel place. this sphinx go with hotel theme what = egyptian. not like caesar hotel what mix up greek & roman. if reader have smart eye then reader see Lady and monkey in picture.


monkey want go inside great pyramid of luxor for see mummy & treasure & tomb & etc. Man smile and say ok. but monkey see only fake egypt crap & monkey have big disappoint. Man tell monkey when any one visit las vegas then just enjoy fantasy & not worry about reality. that come soon enough when traveler get home.


Lady & monkey gamble little bit & lose $1.00 in las vegas. that just so when mans & ladies back in home place ask if Man & Lady & monkey gamble then it not lie for say yes little bit.


here near by venetian hotel place. monkey wonder why there water enough for boat here but not so much in lake mead.


monkey look & not understand any thing about what in picture here. Man say it just big fantasy for human being like fun park for littles. ok think monkey. that explain enough for monkey.


here fake statue of liberty what really in great state new york far away from las vegas. monkey start scratch head for show not understand but Man say forget it monkey. just appreciate it for what it is. but monkey not know what it is.


Lady take picture what show car of entertainer piano player mr liberace. it have many rhinestone what = fake diamond all over. monkey wonder if sparkle of car blind other driver on road but Man say car probably never go on road & that not the point of car of mr liberace. monkey wonder what = point of car nobody drive around.


Man & Lady & monkey visit red rock canyon with son of Man & Lady near city of las vegas in great state nevada. it = 100 % pretty. monkey glad for see slow tortoise not get run over by car or bicycle in red rock canyon.


some day monkey want go back & hike more in canyon. here monkey not worry about fall in giant hole in earth planet like grand canyon or get boredom like at hoover dam.


monkey sit in letter k of show sign in aria hotel near where live Man & Lady & monkey in las vegas. then next monkey go in show.


when before show start some cirque mans & ladies walk around in audience. nice lady pick up monkey & smile with monkey for posing. monkey think wow lady have big chest but Man say sorry to disappoint monkey but it part of costume.


there many act in show zarkana what full from acrobat & clown & music & cool light and set & etc what excite monkey. not like hoover dam. Man & Lady & monkey even go back for see show 1 time more.


some act 100 % wild & crazy in zarkana show. some more quiet like act here where 2 young lady go spin around in hoop thing with good music.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy picture & story from monkey adventure with Man & Lady on great trip of fall of year 2014. monkey hope reader not get boredom like monkey get at hoover dam. monkey take couple day off now from write post but soon come back.