Man & Lady & monkey go train station & leave santa fe & wind up in place williams junction & then go visit grand canyon hole in earth planet. today monkey make little presentment of picture & story of this part of vacation of amtrakness.


here come amtrak train # 3 southwest chief. it always give monkey excitement when train come for get monkey after monkey sit in station & wait & wait. sometime train almost on time but train mostly 1 or 2 hour late. one other time Man & Lady & monkey get on train what = 4 hour late. that just part of train travel say Man.


then every one get on train & train go again click clack click clack & bounce & shake. on train there not much for mans & ladies do. 1 thing = stay in seat & nap or chitchat or read or play with device or etc. 1 other thing = go in observation car & watch thing like town & mountain & other train & etc fly by. Man like go in car & write in journal book & watch window. Lady like go in car & read & watch thing in window.


then late in dark of night train stop & dump mans & ladies off where there no station by track. shuttle wait there in gravel lot for move every one to hotel in place what have name williams junction. here lobby place of hotel where Man & Lady & monkey live 1 night before go on other train to grand canyon hole in ground.


monkey see on table in lobby little sculpture thing what have name the wicked pony. why not take ride on pony monkey think. it more fun than sit in hand of st francis.


next morning after big buffet breakfast where Man eat too many bacon monkey & Man & Lady go in gift store by hotel place. there monkey find many interesting thing for buy. here monkey find sock monkey sock what Lady buy for self & for sister of Lady for present.


also monkey make suggestment for Man & Lady buy nice hat & book for present for little man. little man = son of son & daughterinlaw of Man & Lady. that mean little man = grandson. grandson love train 100 %.


before monkey go on train up to grand canyon hole in ground Man & Lady & monkey go see little cowboy show by hotel & train station. show = corny + hokey + funny. mans in show not real cowboy and man on ground not dead. monkey enjoy show 100 %. then every body go on train.


out window of train what take monkey to grand canyon hole in ground monkey see rock & tree & dirt & sky. also old house & trailer & cattle creature & bird & old volcano mountain what have name red butte. it take 2 hour for ride.


in grand canyon place Man & Lady & monkey live in place what have name bright angel lodge. room in lodge = 52 step away from south rim. if monkey go 53 step then monkey fall with scream to bottom of grand canyon & there no more monkey blog. that = why monkey careful by canyon. monkey not want reader cry many tear of sadness if Man give news that monkey croak because monkey careless near canyon.


here room monkey use in grand canyon lodge place. it simple but it do good job of room. there no televisionon but that ok with monkey. televisionon = almost 100 % crap waste of time. there better thing for do in time of vacation. there also free kleenex in room here like in santa fe.


here Man make revealment of handy tip for traveler. if there no time for do laundry or there no laundry place for wash clothes then traveler maybe use fan or air conditioner machine for air out clothes for better smell. here Man air out pants with fan and blow away most sweat & other smell. it work for shirt & other clothes too. like sock.


here sit fearless monkey on dead tree thing near canyon hole. if wind come then maybe monkey fly into hole. but monkey over come fear for pose nice for reader.


other animal also not fear giant hole of grand canyon. here fly raven bird over deepness of canyon. raven swoop & glide & flap & play in sky all over canyon.


there many animal what live in canyon place. there eagle & condor & mountain lion & elk & vulture & big horn sheep & wild turkey & black widow spider & coyote & squirrel & mule deer & etc. in picture reader see mule deer what come near room of Man & Lady early in morning Man & Lady get up for see sunrise. it good idea for leave wild animal alone. especially squirrel what beg food & then bite. monkey think squirrel have big rudeness.


here 1 part of sunrise in canyon. little bit after little bit light come for fill canyon up. monkey think it pretty but monkey like better red rock canyon near las vegas where Man & Lady & monkey visit later.


here building what have name lookout. it close near by where monkey stay in lodge room. now mans & ladies work for make it look more nice. it perch like bird on edge of canyon hole and look like it grow from canyon stone. there store in it & good view.


Lady walk by lookout building for see better into canyon hole.


all over in canyon there juniper tree. here monkey dare sit in juniper tree & not fall in hole. when other traveler see monkey do thing like sit in tree or on michigan street bridge or etc Man explain that monkey = travel monkey what more easy carry around than garden gnome.


juniper tree have berry what good for eat if mans or ladies or littles have hard time make poop. tour guide say berry = natural laxative. 1 lady on tour pick many berry & eat them. lady = kind of human creature what show off & seek attention. monkey hope later lady poop brains out before get to bathroom.


Lady not seek attention. Lady just enjoy with quietness all beauty all around in grand canyon place. here Lady stand by bright angel trail. later Lady walk down trail little bit.


here last picture today. there moon float in twilight over el tovar lodge near where Man & Lady & monkey live in bright angel lodge. el tovar = $$$ lodge but it only get 4 not 5 star on tripadvisor. from outside with moon it look nice.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy picture & story from trip of monkey. next time monkey share nice picture & story of hoover dam place & great city las vegas in great state nevada.