santa fe = next where Man & Lady & monkey visit on great trip of amtrakness. today monkey share nice with reader picture of santa fe. Man & Lady have many picture of santa fe place. here monkey present just some few.


monkey sit nice & not screech & not fling poop in nice room where Man & Lady & monkey live in santa fe. this room part of amtrak vacation package what reader can google for investigate. maybe it not look 100 % fancy when it 1st come into sight from street but it okey dokey in room & there good breakfast with oatmeal & good coffee & banana & egg & waffle & etc & there kleenex in room too. and televisionon.


here in room monkey & Man & Lady watch televisionon little bit for relax. but it hard for relax when watch daredevil mr nik wallenda walk high in air in chicago & not fall down with scream many feet to smash into jelly on street far below. monkey know this picture not about santa fe but it some thing what monkey do in santa fe so it ok for monkey put picture here for share.


monkey find pumpkin creature in hilton hotel while wait for leader of walking tour. this pumpkin = first prize winner of contest of hotel staff. Man take crappy picture but monkey hope reader like pumpkin art any way.


there many cool thing for see in santa fe. tourist miss many thing what fascinate simple brain of monkey. like insect creature here what stick self on screen window & what have name red legged grasshopper. monkey bet many reader never see red legged grasshopper unless maybe live where grasshopper live. or read monkey blog.


not just insect but new mans & ladies interest monkey. here stand man in santa fe plaza. man have many thing on head what puzzle monkey. monkey ask Man why there big pile of animal part & etc on head of man. Man make shoulder shrug & say beats me. monkey want then go ask man why there so many creature thing on head but Man say that not polite and leave man alone. monkey ask Man if it polite for take picture of man with stuff on head. Man make frown face & tell monkey be quiet.


monkey have great excitement when see route 66 sign & Lady help monkey get good look. monkey remember see end of route 66 in santa monica in great state california in other trip with Man & Lady. monkey remember route 66 start in great city chicago where monkey visit 1st this trip. monkey wonder if route 66 go everywhere but Man laugh and say no but it sure gets around.


monkey visit many church place in santa fe. Man never go church unless it = 100 % unavoidable like for funeral or wedding or etc but Man say it ok for visit church like tourist. here monkey sit in hand of famous catholic saint man what have name st francis. famous st francis like mammal & bird & that make st francis ok man in book of monkey. st francis probably like red legged grasshopper too.


in 1 church where monkey visit there something what scare monkey 100 %. there man what have nail in hand and feet & blood all over & spike in head. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man say there many human on earth planet what believe bloody man there have name jesus & many year ago jesus come out from lady who not do sex for make baby & jesus grow up & die on cross & save every body from sin & damnation & come back alive from grave & walk around & fly up in heaven & live there with father & some day come back to earth planet in milky way galaxy for make judging on mans & ladies. monkey ask Man if Man believe that & Man say certainly not and not story about zeus too. monkey still not understand & ask Man if when jesus man come back next time maybe some one give jesus lethal injection or put jesus on electric chair. Man make sigh sound and roll eye around in head. that mean it time for monkey shut up.


monkey see many wind thingy go round in air & simple brain wonder why any one want make wind thingy. Man say not every thing mans & ladies make need have useful purpose or meaning even. monkey ask if wind thingy = art. Man think little bit & say it depend on who monkey ask.


monkey see little tree by loretto chapel place with miracle staircase. in tree there hang many thing what have bead + thing what jesus man hang on. monkey ask Man what that all about. Man say it something what catholic mans & ladies do maybe for communicate with supernatural blessed virgin mary mother of jesus. monkey want ask more question but Man make stare at monkey what mean shut up now monkey. if reader want find out about miracle stairs go do google.


in state capitol building in santa fe it like big art gallery. there many painting & sculpture & weaving & furniture & etc. here 1 etc thing. it head of buffalo what some one make from piece of thing + scrap like old paintbrush and piece pottery & etc. it even have piece newspaper what say buffalo.


there many picture on wall of building but this 1 picture scare monkey little bit. Man smile & say dont worry niewiele małpa. that mean little monkey in language of foreigness. Man say picture just help remind mans & ladies of mortality like lithograph all is vanity by artist man gilbert. or it help mans & ladies think death iron out all difference between every body on earth planet. etc. this give monkey some thing for think about.


Man & Lady take monkey for visit secret office of scientist man dr robert oppenheimer in santa fe. outside office there message thing on wall of building what tell little bit about mans & ladies what work hard for make atomic death machine bomb for kill many other mans & ladies. monkey start think maybe many mans & ladies work too hard for make death.


here brick head what artist james tyler make. james tyler make many brick head in different place. this 1 what have hope brick in it sit outside new mexico state land commission building place. Man say there probably all kind of art blather about what it mean and what it say but it not necessary for anyone listen to recondite art blatherskite. it ok for just like giant head of brick. so monkey look & look at head & then simple brain of monkey have good feeling of brickness and like head. when done with write post here today then monkey ask Man what mean word recondite & blatherskite. monkey think maybe there hope for human being creature if artist make thing like brick head. it better than make thing like atomic death machine bomb.


pretty soon Man & Lady & monkey go away from santa fe & go on train again some where other. where. here where. little place what have name williams junction where every one rest over night & then go on other train for see big hole in earth planet what have name grand canyon. when in van shuttle machine to railroad station place monkey look out window ahead & have great excitement & tell Man get camera ready. why. here why. there 2 big dinosaur in field. Man hurry & have time for quick take picture. if reader fiddle & zoom in picture then reader see 2 dinosaur by green building. dinosaur not real. dinosaur = something what someone who like have fun put on property for make traveler happy.

 goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have enjoyment of picture monkey put here today. if reader want see more santa fe place & thing then reader maybe google santa fe. or go visit santa fe like monkey. next time monkey make post what have picture about grand canyon hole in earth planet.