monkey say bye bye chicago & sleep on train to santa fe. train go click clack click clack and up & down and left and right but monkey like way train sound and move. and it good way for see little part of huge # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. sometime monkey see cool thing. other time thing not so cool. today monkey share nice with reader picture from ride to santa fe. monkey say reader youre welcome.


here monkey sit nice & behave in sleeper car of train & not run in aisle & not make mess & not make rude comment & not grab thing & not screech. from window monkey see many sight of team u$a america. some sight pretty. some sight not pretty. but all sight teach monkey some thing. 1 big thing monkey learn many time = it good for travel & learn that world not what it like back home. many mans & ladies live in different world from what monkey know.


monkey see land like this out window. it not much for look at but mile + mile of land what look like big flatness tell monkey that country = big & there much emptiness where there only dirt and rock and scrubby plant and animal what stay out of sight of monkey. it not like chicago.


sometime hill & mountain come up from flatness and it look like some one come with bulldozer machine and scrape up land and push land to horizon place.


some time there come road & little house or farm or town or cell tower or telephone pole or etc and monkey little bit back in place what mans & ladies call civilization.


monkey see many house where live mans & ladies & littles along train road what tell monkey not every one live like lucky Man & Lady. many mans & ladies & littles in # 1 exceptional team u$a live near bottom of economy.


Man have idea for book when travel along train road & say title = we’re # 1: team usa as seen through train windows. Man say book have all kind of picture of place where human being live. in city. in village. in big emptiness. monkey think probably some one already do this. Man have many idea but many time some one already do idea.


in big city place mans & ladies go shop in health food store in nice plaza with tree & music come out from speaker & there $$$ car in parking lot & etc. other place in team u$a it different story. there many pretty place in team u$a but after travel many mile in great country canada and across team u$a monkey think place of prettiness usually far from train road.


Man point out window and say look there monkey. sed fugit interea fugit inreparabile tempus. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man say word come from old dead poet in latin & mean but it flees meanwhile: irretrievable time flees. monkey still not understand but Man say that ok monkey. reader will understand.


train road of amtrakness go on & on to where sky hit mountain and then go on more even. train what Man & Lady & monkey ride go on to great city los angeles in great state california. but Man & Lady & monkey not go there & instead stop in great city santa fe. monkey like go on train but it good for get out & stretch & breathe good air & look all over for thing to remember in brain when travel all over. here train stop in little place what have name lamy. next Man & Lady & monkey go on little shuttle bus to santa fe. that next part of monkey travel story.

goodbye today reader. monkey next share nice many picture of what interest simple brain of monkey in santa fe in great state new mexico. there picture of church & street sign & giant insect thing & man with strange thing on head & art & etc etc etc. come back reader when monkey make new next post for story of monkey trip what have final end in great city las vegas.