1st stop on trip of october + november in year 2014 with Man & Lady = great city chicago what poem writer carl sandburg call hog butcher of world & city of broad shoulder & etc. monkey like chicago 100 % & start pester Man & Lady for go back soon & see more. Man & Lady say that sound like good idea for some time soon.

monkey now share nice some picture from chicago. Man & Lady take many picture but 13 picture here = picture what monkey like.


chicago = giant city. here little bit skyline of big city chicago. there many thing for see & do in chicago. there museum + art + theater + restaurant + boat tour + riverwalk + many park + zoo + sport + etc etc etc. it city what have big size + big history + big energy. Man & Lady & monkey love chicago & make plan for go back for explore more.


in hotel monkey sit by window & see great many light of great city. most tall building there in picture = sears tower. that not real name. it have name willis tower but every body call it still sears tower. it = almost most tall building in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.


here lobby of hotel Man & Lady & monkey live in when visit chicago. it holiday inn what on top of building. monkey think maybe lobby on floor # 15. it not like what mans & ladies could think when hear words holiday inn. it pretty spiffy & Man later make good report on tripadvisor place.


here Lady stand in night on street of chicago. Lady = pretty but Man say it better for not show prettiness & disguise face for privacy. it fun for go out & walk in light of city street in night time. other mans and ladies walk around & there music come in air & there excitement of explore night city what different from day city. Man say best way for discover what city have for traveler = go wander with feet day & night in exploration until feet get tired.


walk around city ok but sometime that make monkey tired & feet hurt. here by michigan street bridge Man & Lady & monkey get on trolley machine & go many place in great city chicago. monkey like many bridge what go across chicago river but michigan street bridge = favorite. if reader look hard then reader maybe see monkey on piece of michigan street bridge.


monkey go shedd aquarium place on trolley machine. close by shedd there also adler planetarium & field museum natural history. mans & ladies can walk all three museum easy each from the other. but it take long time for go through shedd so monkey go other museum next time Man & Lady go chicago. monkey go art institute of chicago next time too.


here monkey sit in shedd place on model thing of coral polyp animal. monkey think it maybe giant monster what live under ocean but Man tell monkey it more small in real life. Man say if monkey want worry about monster from under ocean then maybe monkey worry about shuggoth. Man show monkey picture of shuggoth on www dot google dot com. now monkey have bad dream.


down in water reader maybe see white thing. it = beluga whale mammal. it not evil monster creature like shuggoth & have friendly smile on face on head. monkey think it good idea for monkey go in water with beluga but Man say aquarium staff frown on that. so monkey just watch. monkey wonder if whale miss ocean place and ask Man if whale have sadness for get stuck in aquarium. Man say maybe but only if whale miss rubbish crap what human creature fill up ocean with.


there 2 little frog what live in amazon place far away. frog have great prettiness. monkey think maybe little frog = good pet like tarantula or puppy or kitty. but monkey find out little pretty frog have poison what kill other creature what mess with frog. monkey think that = good example how evolution work.


when monkey walk around chicago in exploration monkey see strange thing where mans and ladies and littles cross street. it little robot dude. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man shrug shoulder & say he not know what robot mean or where it come from. it mystery. Man say there robot like little robot in picture in other place in great city chicago and in other city in # 1exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. Man say even maybe there little robot in city all over earth planet.


on many street in great city chicago there horse what have different color and decoration. it art installation what have 100 % good purpose. if reader want find out more about horse art in chicago then go click link down there. if reader want horse for self then there online auction soon.

here link for find out about horse. http://www.horsesofhonor.com


there reader see 2 tower of marina city what look like corncob. mans & ladies live in tower and there other thing in tower like restaurant + shop + bowling + house of blues + club + parking + etc. between 2 tower = where nik wallenda walk blindfold in night way up in air on little wire. Man have trouble find bathroom in dark & say nik wallenda make great feat of daredevilness. .


then soon time come for Man & Lady & monkey get on train again and go next place of exploring what = santa fe in great state new mexico. next time monkey share picture of what monkey find when explore with feet city of santa fe.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader go visit great city chicago sometime like monkey & explore & find new thing for make wonderment in brain.