here message today of announcement from simple brain of monkey.

on day of tomorrowness monkey & Man & Lady go away for see chicago + santa fe + williams junction + canyon of grandness + flagstaff + big dam of hoover + las vegas. why. here why. monkey & Man & Lady like for travel + see thing + learn thing + meet other human creature + etc.

this maybe last big trip Man & Lady take on train + jet airplane. for travel in time of future Man & Lady go not so far in camper trailer machine what monkey write about here before.

Man have 0 % interest in help monkey blog while go around on trip. monkey have great disappoint but Man say monkey write blog & share picture nice with reader friend when come back in home in 2 week.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not miss monkey & have sadness & cry tear of loneliness. soon monkey come back & write about trip. if plane not crash. or if monkey not fall in canyon of grandness while pose for picture.