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many time monkey hear democrap or republicrap politician on televisionon open big lying bazoo & say ill fight for you or ill fight for this or ill fight for that.

but even simple brain of monkey not believe politician fight for anybody or anything except for self  & for master what pull string from behind curtain. monkey ask Man what it mean for say fight for.

Man explain when some one use word fight in ad it = 100 % big time weasel word what sound like it mean something but really mean nothing.

Man tell monkey remember please that political ad = ad like any other ad for product like adult diaper or drug or car or dog food or etc etc etc. in political ad politician = product & political ad use same crooked language like any other ad. why. here why. for bamboozle consumer.

in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave special interest & corporation & rich douchebag buy politician & then help sell politician like product for get into position where politician do work of oil industry & coal industry & insurance industry & drug industry & religion industry & etc.

monkey make interruption of Man & say wait 1 minute. monkey think team u$a = democracy.

Man make snort noise in nose & laugh & tell monkey that idea = 100 % bollocks. Man tell monkey team u$a = plutocracy run by oligarch like 2 koch brother & walton family & adelson & etc. Man say shameless supreme court make that more clear in 2010 when it let rich oligarch spend as many $$$ as want for elect puppet politician.

goodbye today reader. this = monkey & monkey approve this message. monkey guess it = no big surprise there weasel word like fight for in political ad. it just part of marketing recipe for get robopath politician in office. if reader want find out more about weasel word then click here for good link.