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today monkey see on televisionon story about whether pretty actress lady renee zellweger get plastic surgery. that just more boring prolefeed stoopididity. then monkey see story about whiteness project what 100 % get interest of simple brain of monkey. so monkey go www dot internet dot com and watch whiteness project. reader too can go whiteness project for see & hear white mans & ladies talk about whiteness.

monkey not white. monkey = grey + white + red + little bit black. so monkey not have much for say about what it like for = white in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. but Man = white & have some thing for say. what. here what.

I rarely have cause to think of my whiteness as such. To me whiteness or blackness or whatever is a single aspect of human physical diversity resulting from a long process of evolution and adaptation, and if humans weren’t so incredibly and self-destructively obtuse, that’d be an end to it. But then we are talking about a self-hating and suicidal species whose main occupation most of the time seems to be finding ways to assert power and control over others, frequently justifying that selfishness through implicit and explicit racist beliefs. The results: a shameful waste of human potential generation after generation despite the best efforts and great sacrifices of the more enlightened among us.

monkey ask Man if he have more for say but Man say that it in 1 nutshell & that plenty enough for 1 day.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader go see & hear whiteness project & if reader = white then maybe reader start think more hard about whiteness & what it mean to reader. if reader not = white then maybe reader get new idea about what some white mans & ladies have in brain about race.