today Man & Lady & monkey go in nature for walk around. Lady say it too pretty not to share nice with reader so monkey choose 10 picture of walk for put here today.


here what it look like when first go into nature place where Man & Lady & monkey walk today. one time long ago mans dig gravel out from place. now pit what mans leave behind full from water & many plant & animal come for live there. plant what have red leaf in front of picture = staghorn sumac. Man say in time of summerness some one can make good drink from berry of sumac. it have taste like lemonade.


little woodpecker bird grab dead tree branch with feet and hang on and peck on wood for find bug for eat. monkey think this hard way for make living on earth planet but Man say it easier than many job human creature make for self. this woodpecker have name downy woodpecker.


here 1 more downy woodpecker. it not same woodpecker in picture up there before. Man say it male bird. monkey want know how Man know that. Man say it have little red patch on back of head.


here little bluebird sit on branch. Man say it thrush bird like robin and veery and  wood thrush. this bluebird = male. it have more bright color than female. when it time for make nest male bird go get stuff for make nest and put by nest hole. then male bird sit over hole and flap wing and hope female come. then female make nest and lay egg. egg of bluebird = blue. that all Man tell monkey about bluebird.


that blue jay on tree there. Man say blue jay = smart bird what have family it hang around. here something not nice about blue jay. sometime it steal egg from nest of other bird and eat egg. Man say it beat banging on tree like woodpecker. monkey think it look like blue jay always go around look for trouble. like crow.


monkey look up in sky and see moon float up in blueness with cloud. it pale in sky & blend with thin cloud and disappear in cloud. monkey love watch moon. Man too.


monkey see not just bird & moon up in tree. monkey spot hornet nest big like basketball in tree. Man say baldfaced hornet live in nest but it empty now. monkey wonder what happen if monkey hit nest with stick when there many hornet inside. Man say it not nice for go around and bash nature with stick but if monkey really want find out then maybe monkey climb up in tree next summer when there many hornet in nest and knock on door.


monkey see grape on vine what climb up tree. monkey ask Man if it ok for eat. Man say yes it wild grape and it taste 100 % good after 1st frost come and go.  but Man say be careful monkey what you eat from nature. there something what look like grape but it have name moonseed and it = poison.


here mallard duck. monkey love all duck but mallard = special to monkey because it 100 % pretty and when female quack it sound like laughing. Man tell monkey mallard can fly fast like 55 m p h. monkey wonder what the rush.


everywhere monkey look in nature there great prettiness. even on little 1 square foot patch on ground there great beauty for see. monkey feel sorry for human creature what only sometime see great beauty all around.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader go outside in time of fallness & have nice place for visit where nature show beauty of animal and plant.