today monkey report on fatness of Man. Man now lose total = 15 pound & have weight of 190 pound what = good heaviness for 6 ft 2 inch body. here what 15 pound fat look like. Man say he reach goal in 10 month with no gimmick or fad or help from guru doctor.

Man say it = possible for again become świnia z nadwagą. that mean overweight pig in language of foreignness. Man get lard on body again if Man not careful about what he eat & how much he eat. and not exercise & stretch. and start eat crap junk. and etc. but Man like how Man look now and feel. and Man say he not give up. it like when Man stop smoke cigarette 32 + 1/2 year ago. Man sometime have want still for cigarette but never slide back in 32 + 1/2 year.

once in while Man & Lady go out for eat & that ok. Man not have to eat like świnia when go in restaurant place. Man can bring left over food home for eat next day too. here picture example from yesterday when Man & Lady and sister of Lady and husband of sister of Lady go eat in 100 % a + restaurant what have food of country where people of Man and Lady come from.


monkey think food look 100 % yum edible. in little bowl by monkey there food what have name bigos. that = hunters stew. it have sauerkraut + pork + beef + bacon + onions + smoke sausage + spice. on plate there potato pancake + mushroom + kielbasa sausage + salad + cranberry stuff + etc. Man enjoy dinner. Lady too. Man say it ok for eat like this stuff but only once in while for big treat. all other time Man eat with idea of keep lard off body. but it not ok for have cigarette. ever.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope Man = inspiration for mans and ladies what want lose weight. it not easy work. it take many day and week and month. but Man say it worth it for health and not die soon from disease what come from too much fat. monkey glad now for give up job of weight loss coach. why. here why. monkey sick + tired of screech fat pig at Man every time Man look like he not put 100 % best effort into lose flab. but if Man still need reminder then monkey happy for oblige.