today simple brain of monkey not have 1 big topic for share nice with reader. today monkey write little bit about 3 thing.

1. monkey make post # 577 today & hope 577 = interesting number & ask Man if that interesting number. Man say no. it just prime number & that about it. it boring number with no prettiness like 576 what = sum of 4  consecutive prime number. monkey brain still not understand how brain of Man find prettiness in number.

2. monkey go on walk yesterday and see nice view in nature preserve place near home of monkey. here 2 picture Man take what monkey like for share.


monkey & Man & Lady walk on road in preserve place. it bright day of fallness. tree here not have many color but pretty anyway with cattail marsh and cloud in breezy sky. monkey have great gladness for live in place where world of nature all around.


on road in preserve place monkey see something walk fast along. Man say it woolly bear caterpillar what turn into isabella moth later. right now woolly bear run around look for place for hide from winter snow & cold. in time of springness woolly bear make cocoon and turn into moth. monkey wonder if isabella moth remember when it woolly bear.

if brain of reader = curious like brain of monkey & reader want find out more about woolly bear then click here & visit site of woolly bear.

3. in morning of today Lady wake up Man for see bloody moon eclipse. it not look like much to monkey so monkey go back asleep but Man take picture and this last picture monkey post today.


it hard for see little moon in picture so 100 % helpful nice monkey get in picture & point at moon eclipse. it right there in middle.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy misc stuff what monkey write about today. sometime simple brain of monkey not have 1 big idea & have instead many idea that fly around in head.