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monkey see on televisionon that many young human creature get in danger from accident while walk around with face in phone. Man say he not mind so much if young electronic crack addict walk into wall or fall on face especially if phone break at same time too.

but Man worry about electronic crack addict what drive car while blabbernatter or text or surf or etc & maybe slam into & hurt or kill Man & Lady & monkey. even simple brain of monkey see that = possible thing what happen.

monkey now make 100 % important public service announcement warning to electronic crack addict. stay many mile away from Man. if electronic crack addict smash into Man & Man still able for walk then addict in great personal danger.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not addict but if reader = electronic crack addict then reader watch out for Man 100 %. why. here why. Man = peaceful human creature.  but Man dangerous when wounded.