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yay monkey come back alive from trip in doghouse trailer machine with Man & Lady and watch Man & Lady unpack & clean up & poop out with tiredness from trip. monkey think it good for travel & it good for get home. now monkey write report & give picture of trip for share nice with reader. Man take many picture but  monkey pick 17 what monkey like best.


when 1st get to camp site monkey see someone leave seed on picnic table for bird & squirrel & chipmunk & etc. that not good idea. that not do wild creature big favor. why. here why. it make wild animal come to site & maybe lose fear of human creature. it 100 % better for wild creature have big fear of human creature because not all human creature nice like Man & Lady & monkey. and monkey think maybe wild creature get spoiled. monkey make friend with chickadee bird before Man scoop up seed and throw into woods where bird & animal work for find food in nature.


on walk on shore of great lake huron Man see bird sit on rock & rest from fly around and hunt for food. in opinion of simple brain of monkey that about all bird do. fly around & eat. that not sound like interesting life to monkey but Man say it interesting enough for bird.


Man & Lady & monkey also see mennonite mans & ladies & littles take rest on shore of lake. it good for all living creature on earth planet take rest sometime in nature for enjoy sight & sound & smell & etc. Man think it part of meaning of life what many mans & ladies & littles not get in busy life.  Man say that in top 5 big shame of life in time of modernness. monkey ask Man what = other 4 thing in top big shame list but Man say that topic for other time not now.


there trail in park what go through pretty woods to tower what look over big pond what have wild life of bird and animal. monkey think tower thing = good idea for help human creature take little time for look & see thing in nature. and get little bit exercise.


across pond from tower there bird blind. that = place where mans & ladies & littles & monkey go for hide from bird and see bird close. monkey see wood duck from hole in wall. monkey make Man laugh when monkey say it look like many picture hang on wall in bird blind.


here sit many duck on dead log thing & warm up in sun & take work break from paddle around for find food.


here Lady stand on big rock what giant ice glacier bring down many thousand year ago. there many many boulder and rock and pebble and sand on beach of great lake huron. but in macgregor park place there not many dead fish and plastic bag and etc like on beach in many other place. that 1 big reason why Man & Lady go back for visit macgregor park. it clean from junk. and it quiet and not have crowd in early time of springness and late time of fallness.


this just 1 more picture of shore of lake. it almost time for sunset but it have cloud in sky so there no pretty red sunset this day. but it pretty anyway with silver water and sparkle wave and cool wind and sun ray come between cloud once in while.


here just rock on shore but monkey like interestingness of rock what look like half one rock and half another rock. too monkey love sound of wavy water when it meet rock and slosh and make spray.


while walk on trail monkey find toy elephant creature what hang in little tree. monkey make theory that little human creature lose toy & some one find toy & put in tree so maybe little find toy & not have sadness for lose colorful elephant friend. Man say monkey undoubtedly correct.


this picture have mushroom in it. there more mushroom outside frame of picture. monkey ask Man why not show all mushroom. Man say that upset balance of picture. monkey not understand what Man mean again and almost start scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please. but monkey decide just humor Man & shut up.


here monkey make picture of human word have your tail in a crack. that mean get in trouble & have hard time get out. monkey wonder where human word thing like that come from. like play cat & mouse. & cost an arm & a leg. & make money hand over fist. & double whammy. and etc etc etc. language of human creature puzzle monkey some time.


here Lady and monkey and Man get ready for hike merganser cove. monkey have great excite because monkey love duck bird & hope for see many merganser duck. when monkey reach cove there no merganser. there no any kind duck. where all duck monkey ask Man. Man make shrug with shoulder and say duck fly south with many other bird. monkey ask why. Man say duck just run migratory program.


monkey see on trail little orange blob on stump of pine tree. Man say it look like orange jelly fungus. monkey think it look good for eat and ask Man if it ok for take back to doghouse trailer machine for eat with dinner later. Man say some jelly fungus = delicious in soup etc but it good idea never eat fungus what not 100 % sure ok to eat. why. here why. poison fungus maybe make eater throw up & have terrible liquid poop. or maybe kill liver & kidney. it better for just buy mushroom in super market place.


here pretty deer keep eye on Man & Lady & monkey near shore of lake. deer run away even when everyone keep quiet and not move. that good example of smartness of wild mammal creature.


near where deer run away monkey spot great blue heron bird. Man let monkey watch big bird for 1 minute & then say it time for go & not bother bird more. monkey think it good idea for not bother nature creature. even fungus.


here last picture. Lady point with stick on map where Man & Lady & monkey walk & walk many hour. there other trail in park too. next year in time of early springness Man say it good time for go back in macgregor park in doghouse trailer machine before campground get full up of people & it more quiet & private & there not many smoky camp fire what make everything stink. it good time for see many little warbler bird what in park then. if reader come to park when monkey there & reader see monkey then monkey say it ok for come up & say hello & shake hand of monkey. but it not ok for pester monkey for autograph.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader sometime go in macgregor park & walk many trail & see many nature thing. it 1 of best park Man & Lady find in north america continent land mass.