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monkey of a sudden see hallowthanxmas sneak up on monkey in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave & monkey have great worry + panic if it too late for publish xmas list 2014 for jolly santa creature see online. Man say calm down little monkey. Man explain it never too early and never too late for hallowthanxmas.

monkey calm down & start make list. it hard for make list. why. here why. Man have meanness & say monkey can post max only 10 item. monkey have hard time cut down list.

monkey hope jolly santa creature read post & come fly down chimney in family room of house of Man & Lady and leave many present for monkey this year of 2014. not like year of 2013 when monkey get squat from jolly santa creature and have big disappoint. now here come monkey list.

  1. scorching santa and atomic glow clown ornament all sold out so monkey want edible melty snowman before all sold out on happy hallowthanxmas page.
  2. size xxxxs think-its not illegal yet t shirt. Man say he want 1 too but size xl.
  3. sock monkey moods card in case monkey have stroke. then monkey can point on card to show what mood monkey have so mans & ladies & littles know how behave around monkey with stroke.
  4. zontik leather scrabble set what cost only $ 4105  and it 100 % educational for help simple brain of monkey learn vocabulary so monkey talk & write better and make good impression on prospective employer.
  5. hermes pluie de h orange umbrella for keep poor monkey dry when it rain when Man & Lady & monkey go camp in trailer machine somewhere. it cost $ 890 so monkey think it probably keep monkey 100 % dry for many year & not need replacement like cheap crap umbrella what shopper find in drug store. monkey not want brown hermes pluie de h umbrella because it cost only $ 560 and probably not do good job like orange umbrella.
  6. tarantula. Man = 100 % big poop & not let monkey have puppy or kitty. so maybe jolly santa creature bring monkey popular & quiet tarantula what help monkey overcome fear of spider. monkey prefer nice & big goliath bird eating tarantula what can live 25 year so it probably not need replacement like cheap crap umbrella too.
  7. hello kitty head mylar balloon. monkey like happy friendly face of hello kitty & want balloon for put in cage with tarantula for calm down tarantula & keep tarantula company when monkey go somewhere.
  8. monkey want pork pie hat so monkey look cool & ironic like celebrity hipster dude when monkey go out in public. Man say monkey look like celebrity douchebag if go out in public with pork pie hat but monkey not have agreement with Man & want hat.
  9. newest iphone plus what apple company say = bigger than bigger. wow that sound 100 % good to simple brain of monkey & that what monkey want. but monkey not want lame u2 songs of innocence album on iphone. if there extended warranty monkey want that. and nice case. and headphones. and charging device. and armband. and etc etc etc accessories. Man say monkey sound like electronic crack addict. but monkey not care. monkey must have newest iphone plus. monkey not care if maybe it bend in pocket. why. here why. monkey not have pocket.
  10. monkey have hard time decide what = last item # 10 on monkey xmas list. monkey think maybe top selling talk to your doctor drug crestor in case monkey get big cholesterol. then monkey think maybe monkey need best selling truck in team u$a america ford f 150 for carry around thing like many xmas present monkey get this year or many case of beer or big load topsoil or barbecue grill for tailgate party or etc. monkey have many other choice too but chose diamondback tactical dynamic sure fit carrier with iiia synergy ballistics civilian body armor vest for # 10.  why. here why. monkey see on televisionon and www dot internet dot com that world of human species creature = 100 % dangerous place of violence & cuckooness. monkey not want = collateral damage from bomb or gunshot or stab or etc etc etc. that why monkey choose body armor. it still legal for monkey have armor vest because monkey not have felony conviction.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope jolly santa creature read list of monkey today and get ready for give monkey what monkey deserve for be good boy all year & play nice & share nice & etc. monkey hope reader get what reader deserve too.