many time now monkey hear alert about this new threat & that old threat come soon maybe & destroy monkey & Man & Lady & civilization. monkey have bad dream of violent human monster go on rampage & fear grow in simple brain of monkey.

Man say now calm down mała małpa. there always human creature what make threat on civilization & always will be.

that not good news to monkey. monkey ask Man how can stop threat from violent human creature. Man make think face & say it probably not possible. that not good news too.

so monkey ask Man how learn to handle fear instead. Man laugh & say it mostly matter of getting used to it. Man say when Man little boy there fear of enemy communist bomb come in air for kill everyone. Man remember lesson in elementary school of how hide under desk for protect self from communist hydrogen bomb and flying piece of wall and window. Man remember how every body in class see movie down there about how it important for learn lesson of bert the turtle. Man remember in junior high school when everybody run out in corridor and crouch down by wall and practice kiss ass goodbye. Man remember look up in sky when in high school in october in year 1962 for see communist warhead go through sky for blow up city near where Man live & make big blast in air & make poison fallout come everywhere. Man say he live many year getting used to idea of end of civilization. Man say he still getting used to it now.

monkey say maybe it good idea for show bert the turtle movie so reader see how prepare for bomb. Man say it little bit out of date but it good for historic lesson about scary threat to civilization. so here monkey present movie duck & cover.

1 line in movie bother monkey most. it tell littles there might not be any grown ups around when the bomb explodes. then youre on your own. monkey think but it grown up what make bomb in first place.

monkey try get more used to idea of threat of violent human monster but monkey have 100 % great disappointment in human species creature what not able for behave nice on earth planet.

goodbye today reader. monkey now go practice duck & cover under bed and sing movie song dum dum deedle dum dum etc.