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monkey sick + tired of so much lady butt all over in media. maybe reader have puzzlement what monkey talk about . here 4 example what monkey talk about.

  1. new spider woman show enormous butt on spider woman # 1 cover.
  2. kim kardashian human creature show enormous butt in tahiti place.
  3. jennifer lopez human creature shake butt all over place in music video for booty song.
  4. prolefeed stoopididity crap from us weekly have feature story best celebrity butts of all time.

it hard for escape image of butt all over. even tomato from garden of neighbor remind monkey of butt.


nice neighbor of Man & Lady share nice from garden many eggplant &  tomato with Man & Lady. but monkey see even in big pile tomato 1 what look like butt.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader sick of see so many butt everywhere like monkey. monkey say please everyone keep butt in pants where it belong & thank you for hide butt. except for tomato what look like butt & belong in salad.