6 month ago Man not happy. why. here why. Man weigh maybe 205 pound & have fight for get in pants & wear shirt outside pants so stomach not show bulge over belt & not enjoy sight in mirror when step out of shower & etc. Man wonder how he get fat like that. even simple brain of monkey know answer.

it because Man eat too much when it meal time & eat crap snack between meal time & not get exercise enough.

monkey tell Man that Man start look like giant prehistoric pig & it time for Man lose pound maybe 10 – 15 from body for get more health & fit in pants better.

Man think that good idea and ask  monkey big favor. maybe reader want know what favor. it this favor. Man want monkey = weight loss coach.

monkey scratch head for show not understand what mean weight loss coach & ask Man explain please. Man tell monkey all monkey need do = screech fat pig whenever Man get urge for eat too much or not want go walk for exercise.

monkey think that = 100 % fun & easy job so monkey say ok.

Man start walk at least 30 minute every day & sometime more. even on weekend Man walk. still Man walk today. Man cut out all crap junk from diet. that mean no more salt & pepper kettle cook potato chip what Man love. Man cut down size of food when eat meal by stop when feel full even if want eat more for taste. and monkey screech fat pig many many time in last 6 month.

it take time but Man get result. here result. Man now have weight of 192 pound & fit nice in clothes & feel better. and not avoid look at self in mirror when come out from shower. and not look like giant prehistoric pig.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not like Man when Man look tubby & not have comfort in clothes & not exercise for good health so not die soon. if reader like Man 6 month ago or even more big then monkey tell reader it not hopeless for lose weight & feel better. if reader = fat & want lose weight then try follow simple plan of Man. & maybe get sock monkey weight loss coach of own for help by screech fat pig.