many time Lady yell for Man for come take care of spider in house. Man catch spider and 1. put in basement for help kill other bug or 2. put outside if weather = nice & not kill spider.

spider creep monkey out. why. here why. spider look scary with many leg what can run fast and jump + some spider bite with poison teeth.

Man laugh and tell monkey spider very useful creature on earth planet + some spider = even pretty. monkey ask Man for prove some spider pretty. Man say go look for cool peacock spider on google image place. ok say monkey & monkey see peacock spider & agree with Man. then Man say in some place on earth planet mans and ladies and littles eat spider for food. here even many picture of spider for food. that blow simple mind of monkey. Man say fear of spider = something mans and ladies learn when little and there not much really for fear in spider.

but monkey still have fear of big monster hairy spider what have name tarantula. Man say go educate monkey self about tarantula and then maybe fear go away. monkey go bbc place and see about journey inside a giant spider.  then monkey think maybe tarantula not = 100 % monster. maybe only 90 %.

goodbye today reader. monkey & Lady still have creeps from spider. and monkey bet if spider jump down on bald head of Man from ceiling then Man have creeps too.