post of today = # 567 of all post monkey make here.

monkey look at # 567 and think it have nice look because it go 5 then 6 then 7 in order. monkey tell Man & Man say yes that pretty feature of # 567 but there more to 567  than what monkey see. Man say # 567 not many pretty thing like sum of consecutive primes or  a centered triangular number but it still have charm.

monkey scratch head for show not understand 1 thing Man say so far. Man laugh & say thats ok małpki. that mean little monkey in language of foreignness. then Man tell monkey what he see in 567.

Man say 1st it obvious 567 divisible by 7. then when some one divide 567 by 7 answer = 81 and 81 = perfect square what = product of 2 more perfect square 9 X 9 what = product of 1st odd prime number 3 X 3 X 3 X 3. so 567 = nice bunch of number all times each the other. Man say it 3 to 4th power X 7.

monkey scratch head in puzzlement still and ask Man so what. Man laugh again and tell monkey for some mans and ladies it fun for play around with number & it fun for dig deep into number but it not mandatory fun. monkey glad for that.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have mathy brain like Man & like post today. if reader not have mathy brain then maybe come back later some time for post # 568. Man tell monkey 568 = sum of 1st 19 prime number. but monkey promise next post not mathy. too much math hurt simple brain of monkey.