five day ago monkey & Man & Lady come back from travel in land of adirondack high peak where whiteface mountain live. again go in little camper trailer thing what have nickname doghouse. it really have  name aliner ranger 12. now monkey have 17 picture for share nice with friend. Man & Lady take many picture with camera & phone machine but monkey pick just few picture for blog so maybe not bore reader with too many picture & blabbernatter. like local tv meteorologist.


inside doghouse trailer machine it cozy place where Man & Lady & monkey live when travel on road. it have little stove & little sink & little table for eat on & nice bed for sleep on. here Lady say nighty night to monkey before turn off light and go sleep.


on way to where live whiteface mountain Man & Lady stop & camp near casino place of native american tribe. Man & Lady not gamble ever except maybe once in while buy lottery ticket. but monkey want see what casino look like so Man say ok & go on field trip to casino. in casino it loud and smoke from many cigarette go in air & make great stink and many mans and ladies sit like living dead in front of gamble machine & put $$$ in. monkey want try gamble but Man say hell no it waste of money. but Man say it ok for monkey just sit in seat for 1 minute for see what it like. here what monkey find out. it 100 % boring & flashy light bother brain of monkey & monkey want run away from casino place and go in fresh air outside.


Man & Lady take monkey for visit ausable chasm what = place where ausable river cut down into earth planet rock very deep and make rushing water & waterfall. next come more picture of ausable chasm.


here reader see rainbow falls part of chasm. monkey think it pretty falls but there no rainbow. monkey ask Man why there no rainbow & Man say conditions not right. monkey show disappointment but Man tell monkey grow up & be grateful & enjoy what monkey have. Man always say some thing like that when monkey pout or make poopy face.


Man walk on trail in chasm. here Man take off hat for cool off almost bald head what get hot from heat of sun this day. monkey feel sorry that Man have almost bald head but Man say it ok.Man then ask monkey if it better for have bald head with reasonable brain inside than hairy head full from stoopididity. monkey think little bit & ask Man if it maybe more better for have hairy head with reasonable brain. then Man tell monkey it time for monkey shut up.


here monkey get little bit dangerous. Man say it important for obey sign in place like chasm because maybe monkey fall far down in river and disappear dead forever. probably Man = correct but monkey wonder if sometime it more fun for do little bit dangerous thing for pep up life.


down in chasm mans & ladies & maybe monkey go rafting or tubing in river. monkey ask Man polite if monkey please go rafting. Man say next time next year when Man and Lady dress right for river adventure. monkey remember what Man say & make Man keep promise next year. but some time Man say next time or say maybe & that mean never.


monkey see many little pile of rock on trail in chasm. monkey ask Man what that all about. Man say little pile have name cairn & sometime also have name duckie. in wilderness place cairn or duckie mark trail and help hiker find direction so not get lost. in not wilderness place mans and ladies and littles make duckie for fun.


here reader see head of weird creature what have name adirondack monkey. it right there on sign by monkey in gift shop in high falls gorge place. but it not for sale. first adirondack monkey head scare simple brain of poor monkey but Man explain it just something made by man not nature. it like jackalope & not really live in nature. then Man explain somebody make adirondack monkey from rear end of deer for joke. monkey wonder what kind of brain think up some thing like make monkey face from deer fanny. Man say it pretty unusual brain.


after see adirondack monkey Man & Lady & monkey go in high falls gorge for hike around. there monkey see real animal of nature what have name beaver. it swim up river & look for food for eat & get close to monkey. there also duck sit on rock near beaver but duck not so interesting as beaver to monkey. monkey not have any thing against duck. monkey love duck but monkey just not see beaver every day.


in high falls gorge hiker get more close to river & falls than in ausable chasm. monkey like sound of water move through rock & coolness of gorge & prettiness of falls. that = why monkey 100 % love adirondack high peak mountain place. Man & Lady & monkey like travel in adirondack mountain place after school start in september month & littles go back for learn something maybe & every place less crowded. later in fall time it get crowded again when leaf of trees change from greenness to orange & yellow & red & brown and when many camper from great county canada and # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave visit adirondack for canada thanksgiving holiday what same time as columbus day. that very good time for stay home say Man.


Man & Lady camp near ausable river in place what have name wilmington in great state new york. one time when go hike Man say hey monkey look at this. monkey look where Man point and scratch head for show not understand. Man say river water shape rock so it look little bit like alligator. monkey look again and of a sudden see two eye and shape of alligator head and little leg and body. Man say monkey like mans and ladies and always seek pattern in nature & every where else. monkey think that true because monkey always look for see what in cloud in sky. one time monkey see big puffy cloud what look like whale.


Lady get ready for go up little whiteface mountain in gondola machine. Man & Lady & monkey want drive up highway to top of whiteface mountain but it not open because mans make road repair. monkey little bit nervous about ride gondola but Man remind monkey that Man & Lady & monkey ride to top of sulphur mountain in banff gondola in great province alberta in great country canada and not die from gondola crash to ground and kill  every body.


here monkey in gondola on way up mountain. tail of monkey get stiff with fear but pretty soon monkey relax and enjoy ride. that another thing Man say many time. enjoy the ride.


on top of little whiteface mountain there sight of many other mountain. down there reader see lake placid. Man & Lady visit town of lake placid 2 time this time in adirondack mountain for have dinner & poke around little shop & walk around. it nice little town when not crowded with many people & car & truck & motorcycle & big camper rig and etc.


Man and Lady eat in lake placid place but also eat in 2 restaurant in wilmington new york. one place = wilderness inn & Man and Lady like atmosphere + good food there. but Man & Lady like rosalia restaurant place more better even. there no menu but many selection what waitress tell diner about. diner get what true italian cook decide make that day with love. food = delicious. later Man make good report of both restaurant on tripadvisor place. Man say if reader want get great italian food in high peak wilmington then try rosalia restaurant.


here last picture monkey choose for post from many what Man & Lady take. on day Man & Lady & monkey pack up for leave camp & travel many hour for go home monkey find pile of stuff on picnic table outside by doghouse. monkey have puzzlement & ask Man what pile all about. monkey think maybe some one make pine cone duckie for show direction but Man laugh and say it what left of breakfast of squirrel. monkey like idea of place where squirrel think it ok for come have breakfast near mans and ladies. that why monkey look forward with great happiness to next trip to place what full of nature.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader lucky like monkey & have chance for travel to nature place. now pretty soon monkey go on other travel. first back to macgregor point what = pretty park on lake huron in ontario in great country canada. then monkey go on train for travel to chicago & santa fe & grand canyon & las vegas where work son of Man & Lady. when monkey get back  monkey share more nice picture again with reader.