maybe reader miss monkey. why. here why. monkey not write for many day. why. here why. monkey not have 1 thing worth blog about. and too monkey spend time invent new improved theory of happiness. now monkey have some thing for say and ready for publish monkey theory of happiness on blog here.

monkey make theory that if commerical on televisionon + ad on www dot internet dot com + mail in spam folder + many ad insert in sunday news paper all = correct then it possible for know what = ultimate happiness for human creature. and monkey.

monkey observe commercial + ad + spam since last time monkey write many day ago. then monkey make personal list of thing what monkey need for happiness. here finding of research of simple brain of monkey.

  •  at&t high speed internet for make monkey connect with blazing speed to www dot internet dot com
  • career in forensic science
  • capital one credit card so every body stop ask monkey what monkey have in wallet
  • salonpas serious powerful relief when and where monkey need it
  • lazy boy chair and sleep number mattress for comfort of monkey
  • kerasal foot glop so monkey have nice toenail and not have embarrassment of bad feet
  • nice little suit from mens warehouse so monkey dress nice with style
  • restasis for dry eye of monkey & monkey promise never touch biotip to eye
  • gripping suspense of ford escape or best of class jeep cherokee or awesome standard feature of honda crv so monkey look cool when in vehicle
  • januvia for get monkey bloody sugar ok and help monkey throw frisbee on beach & have nice barbecue with family & go walk with fat friend
  • lifestyle lift for improve monkey beauty with no wrinkle or wattle or crease or etc
  • panera bread what monkey can eat on real plate like at home
  • nice clean carpet from stanley steemer
  • free genie whole home hd dvr upgrade
  • big money making opportunity from home
  • cialis so monkey ready when time right for hot xxx action and slosh in tub with some one
  • free consultation with personal injury attorney
  • etc etc etc

this not whole list. there many more thing in monkey theory of happiness. Man say monkey =  100 % bonehead for come up with 100 % dumbass theory but monkey say only way for find out = test theory for see if it work.

goodbye today reader. maybe if reader have theory of happiness like monkey then reader tell monkey if it work so monkey not need make big test.