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today monkey ask Man how long ago Man leave facebook forever. Man say hmm & think little bit & say about 2.25 year ago. monkey ask Man if Man ever miss facebook. Man laugh and say hell no. Man say he glad he tell facebook spierdalaj.monkey ask Man what mean that & Man say it mean f*** off. monkey guess Man have strong feeling about facebook.

monkey wonder if any one still use facebook. Man say yes but it really other way around. facebook use people = more accurate way of look at situation. why. here why. facebook = business what 100 % interested only in keep user & grow more user for make more $$$ for self & many advertiser.

monkey ask if any one else think facebook = crap what good for get rid of. Man say maybe reader take 5 minute for watch pretty smart video thing below for answer.

monkey say ok now. if reader want delete facebook it take more than just hit delete button on facebook. here step for how delete facebook account.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader think facebook = big time sink + invasion of privacy + business what use user + etc and it time now for say spierdalaj facebook then reader go ahead & start take step today.