little while ago hacker grab 1000000000+ credential what include probably some what belong to reader. Man make 100 % big polish swear kurwa mac and say here we go again and start change password on many site like amazon & email provider & etc.

monkey say why not give reader idea for help make life of reader on internet place more safe. Man say why not indeed.

so here some idea for help reader = more safe on internet place.

monkey think it = never possible for = 100 % safe on www dot internet dot com place. but monkey think it good idea for every body = as careful as can be. 1 thing what Man say = good basic idea = start use password manager thing if not already use. Man use 2 manager what have name lastpass and roboform. Man say password manager make it more easy for have different complex password for every account. and for clean up mess after some one hack into place like online business etc.

here example crappy password. 12344321

here example good password. &Wc*Qmtn7^lXaO7VeL2m

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader use good sense + good tool for make www dot internet dot com little bit less dangerous place for visit.