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monkey watch news. between many talk to your doctor commercial for drug monkey see many story about human creature make war & violence & torture & atrocity & death all over earth planet. monkey see face of poor little human kid in gaza and israel and not see hate & violence in face. just fear and crying. but monkey pretty sure it  not long before kid grow up and screech hate and make violence and fight each the other like savage barbarian.

monkey wonder if horrible violence & harmfulness & savageness & wildness of human creature come from human nature like mister dead philosopher thomas hobbes think or it come from civilization like mister dead philosopher jean jacques rousseau think. monkey not know so monkey ask Man.

Man say he not know too but think it combination of nature of human creature + civilization of human creature. Man say gene + civilization = sometime good & sometime bad. when it bad it 100 % worse than ebola.

monkey wonder then how many war of human creature go on right now. Man say go here for see list. monkey go & see list in amazement and tell Man wow human creature have many many conflict. Man make shrug with shoulder and say if history + current event any sign then it just business as usual.

now that depress monkey little bit but Man pet monkey on head & say dont worry little monkey. some day some other creature inherit earth planet and maybe make better job of it. even if it just bacteria. monkey ask when happen that. Man make not funny laugh and say it depend on how much more hate develop in growing number of human being on little earth planet with limited resource.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live where there peace now like iceland or australia or antarctica or canada or pitcairn island.