Man show monkey famous painting what have name black square by artist mr kazimir malevich. soon black square painting leave hermitage museum place where it live and go for visit tate museum. Man like many painting by mr malevich & favorite of  Man = taking in the rye.

monkey look and look at black square and scratch head for show not understand why black square = art. Man try hard for explain how black square = art to simple brain of monkey. Man say remember monkey when you look at cloud and say it look like duck. monkey say yes. Man say that like when mans and ladies look at black square and see art. not exactly but like. light bulb of understanding flash in simple brain of monkey. art where people see it. but monkey still not care much for black square because it not very interesting art.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader = artist then reader try hard for make interesting art what penetrate thickness of simple brain of monkey.