monkey see that torture still exist all over earth planet in thing human creature call civilization.

monkey wonder many thing about torture and have question. here some question monkey have.

  • monkey wonder if any young human creature think when i grow up i want to be  torturer.
  • monkey wonder if torturer think to self wow im really following my dream and doing what i love.
  • monkey wonder where torturer get training. monkey not aware there any community college what give associate degree in torture. so where torturer learn about best way for use cattle prod or pliers or water or mutilation or breaking bone or sawing or etc. maybe there apprentice program and on job training.
  • monkey wonder if it possible for torturer not = sociopath or some sort deviant.
  • monkey wonder if professional torturer look down nose at amateur torturer.
  • monkey wonder if employer supply equipment or torturer have to buy own equipment.
  • monkey wonder if employer give torturer medical and dental insurance.
  • monkey wonder how employer evaluate job performance of torturer.
  • monkey wonder if there overtime hour and bonus pay and opportunity for advance in field of torture.
  • monkey wonder if torturer ever become workaholic.
  • monkey wonder if torturer ever bring work home.
  • monkey wonder if torturer ever have boredom from hear same old screaming.
  • monkey wonder what torturer say when shift end and torturer go home and say hello honey im home and honey ask how was your day.
  • monkey wonder what torturer say when children of torturer ask what do you do at work daddy.
  • monkey wonder if torturer ever take little boy or girl to watch when it take your child to work day.
  • monkey wonder what torturer say when little son or daughter say daddy i want grow up & be just like you.
  • big question monkey have = if human creature evolve for many year and there such thing as morals and ethics then why there still torture in human creature civilization.

monkey go ask Man & Man say there torture and torturer because there never shortage of moral imbecile and cruel & unusual mans and ladies in human species who line up for job of torturer.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not have job of torturer and have offense at post of monkey today.