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monkey hear about war in afghanistan place and war in iraq place & monkey wonder how much war cost. monkey have only about 2 or 3 dollar so monkey not afford war. but it look like # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave have many $$$ for war because team u$a keep throwing money into war.

monkey ask Man how much war cost. Man make frown face & say always too much. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please. Man say ok & show monkey how much war cost on www dot internet dot com place.

every 1 hour team u$a taxpayer human being pay $ 10 & 1 half million dollar for total cost of war since year 2001.

when Man & monkey look here on cost of national security page thing this morning monkey have 100 % great shock when see team u$a taxpayer pay about 1 & 1 half trillion dollar for war since 2001. that not count all other war before year 2001. monkey have idea that big number but not sure how big.

so monkey ask Man if that a lot of $$$. Man take out calculator machine and poke little button for little while & say if someone start count one dollar each second day & night without stop until reach 1 & 1 half trillion dollar then it take 47565 year for count.

whew say monkey. even simple brain of monkey know that a long time & that a lot of $$$.

monkey wonder if maybe there better thing for do with taxpayer monkey. Man make not funny laugh and say i can think of at least one other thing.

goodbye today reader. monkey not happy when say next thing. monkey think there not much hope for human species creature what live on earth planet. it almost like human species = violence addict and dumbass moral imbecile leader of human race = too stupid for figure out how not go around kill each one the other. and kill earth planet too. monkey think dark mountain project probably correct & it time for human species now stop kid self.