yesterday monkey have 100 % big surprise when go out on porch for help Man read in afternoon. monkey say wow look at moth. Man look and say moth come out from cocoon thing what Man find last fall time when rake leaf under big maple tree in front yard & keep safe on porch all winter & spring.

monkey ask Man what = name of moth what not look like cecropia moth what monkey see in yard last week. Man say it polyphemus moth. if reader want find out more thing about polyphemus moth then go here moth and butterfly place on www dot internet dot com.


moth not afraid of monkey. why. here why. moth know monkey = friend of nature. that include moth. but not owl & hawk & snake what maybe kill & eat monkey. other part of nature ok with monkey.


here Man hold moth before Man hide moth in rose of sharon shrub plant so bird not find moth and eat moth. moth hang upside down on branch and dry out. it still there when Man and Lady check in night. Man and Lady say good luck to moth & in morning moth gone.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader find cool nature stuff like giant moth where reader live & enjoy nature like monkey. monkey think nature = better thing for watch than televisionon crap or little screen in hand.