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today monkey want share what john stewart say about gun culture + mass killing in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.

clip have title name murder so rote. it funny on top but underneath it make monkey feel 100 % depression about how easy team u$a america go sleepy bye about gun violent stuff and instead pour prolefeed crap in mind for make it numb & happy and believe what human creature like mister bluster pundit bill oreilly say for encourage mans & ladies get used to gun violence. it like say racism & bigotry always around so get used to it. or sexism always around so get used to it. or torture always around so get used to it. or etc. monkey disagree with mister bluster pundit bill oreilly. there some thing human species never should get used to because those thing dehumanize human species and make it suck 100 %.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope human species what live in team u$a america not listen to moral imbecile & wake up some day about stoopididity of gun culture. but monkey not bet on it.