there another mass murder in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. this time man what have name elliott rodger plan and plan for long time how to kill and buy 3 fast shooting handgun weapon legal in great state california for make other human being pay for unhappiness he have about ladies who not have interest in him.

then man go spray bullet around & kill 3 lady after stab to death 3 roommate man. that = 6 people dead. murderer go zoom around in car too & shoot & drive on sidewalk & hurt 13 more people. at end of life man crash car & maybe shoot self in head. that make 7 people dead.

simple brain of monkey have 100 % hard time understand violent human being what hurt and kill. Man say some time thing just go wrong in head of man or lady & self control brakes not work and man and lady do bad thing. mostly brakes of mans fail and then sometime man go wild & do very bad thing.

monkey ask Man if murderer mans go away if there no gun for shoot with. Man shake head and say no. violent killer always find way for kill. there bare hand & baseball bat & spear & knife & ax & poison gas & hydrogen bomb & smallpox germ on blanket & chemical weapon & car bomb & suicide vest & etc etc etc.

but if it easy for get killer gun like in # 1 exceptional team u$a for spray lead around in air and through body of many victim that just make it more easy for mass killer. Man say moral imbecile like nra extremist and lawmaker robopath coward who afraid of lose $$$ support of  nra extremist and gun industry make it more easy for mass murderer arm self big time and kill many victim in few minute.

goodbye today reader. human species puzzle monkey 100 %. it have great scientist & great artist & mass murderer all mix in together. it have religion tribe & politics tribe what hate each the other and group what want make peace. it have mans what torture other mans and ladies and littles and it have mans what try heal sickness and injury of other human. it have humble mans & ladies and mans & ladies what greedy for power over other human being. Man say now dont fret too much monkey because human species temporary on earth planet & it look like mans work hard at eliminate self from planet in many way not just with gun. Man say in meantime just be careful as can monkey & hope you not find self in sights of man with broken brakes. or in danger of get trample by celebrity entourage.