monkey read news about general motors & even simple brain of monkey know general motors = corporation what = moral imbecile. like bp oil company. and tobacco company.

government of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave give general motors little $$$ fine slap on hand what pocket change for gm.

but monkey have 100 % a + idea for punish crap gm corporation what put $$$ before human life. what idea have monkey. here idea.

mans and ladies say up yours crap gm corporation & not buy product what make many $$$ for robopath moral imbecile what run gm. it have name boycott. there many other choice of fossil fuel vehicle thing on earth planet. it not only game in town.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope many many reader send message to moral imbecile at gm. it only language corporations are people  my friend understand.