monkey not write for while. why. here why. Man and Lady and monkey go camp on shore of lake huron & now come home.  monkey love go camp and see many new thing. here some picture from camp trip of Man & Lady & monkey.


here Lady stand in door of camper thing what have name ranger. it have bed & table & seat & gas stove & sink and air conditioner and can hook up with electric power and water. it have nickname the doghouse. that not what face of Lady look like. Man make disguise of face for little bit privacy onliine. that too why Man not show picture of license plate or social security card online .


there sign in campground place what tell people for not run over snake with car or truck or bike or etc. monkey not like snake too much but monkey still think snake have right for go ahead and live happy life of snakeness. but leave monkey alone.


here mammal what have name porcupine in tree. porcupine have many nasty quill thing what stick in enemy animal and what hard for get out. porcupine also like eat wiring of rv vehicle and other part too like brake line. it good idea for stay away from porcupine.


here nest of bird up in tree. bird put many piece of white birch bark in it. Man say back home poor bird some time put in piece crappy plastic bag when make nest. monkey feel sorry for bird back home. like gull. in park gull bird eat good food from nature. back home gull bird eat french fries and trash in parking lot by mcdonalds place.


here another thing in tree in park. it moon. it still early spring time in park so there not many leaf come out on tree. but moon in tree always pretty.


Lady sit on friendly rock on cobble beach & look and listen at lake huron. monkey already see all 5 great lake. erie and ontario full from many dirt and crap and pollution and stink. but huron = pretty.


there many big hole in many tree all over park. here 1 in tree what have name white cedar. toonie coin show hole = how big. monkey now tell what make hole. it woodpecker bird what have name pileated woodpecker what = most big woodpecker in north america continent. in park there other woodpecker too. Man and Lady see many flicker and also see red headed woodpecker what no one see in park for 9 year before Man & Lady & monkey. that what ranger man say. it lifer for Man & Lady who never see red headed woodpecker before.


reader maybe wonder what this. monkey explain. here reader see many hole in bark of tree. now reader maybe wonder what make many hole in nice row. here answer. it another woodpecker what have name sapsucker. Man and Lady not see sapsucker but it somewhere around. monkey ask Man how sapsucker learn how make neat row of hole. Man say it go to woodpecker university. monkey think maybe that 1 more example of bad joke of Man.


there many kind of animal in park. not just porcupine and woodpecker. Man and Lady see mammal what have name fisher but not have camera ready & fisher run away in woods and so no picture of fisher. it like big weasel. Lady find little tree frog in drain of sink in washroom place. she think it cute and Man take picture.


some time animal in park not in good shape. Man look at poor animal and say eram quod es eris quod sum. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please. Man say it mean i was what you are you will be what i am. monkey ask if that depressing. Man laugh and say no it just reality & nature good teacher of reality.


there tiny creature in park too. here cloud of little speck. every little speck = tiny fly. fly here not bite & just fly around in sunshine. it make monkey think of snow globe.


here monkey sit on rock on point of land what go into huron lake. Man love this 1 rock what have triangle on it. monkey not like mathy stuff so much as Man but monkey think rock cool too. monkey see 1 triangle look little bit like right triangle and other triangle look like isosceles triangle. there square on rock and blob too.


after walk all day in woods and by lake monkey poop out. monkey have thought that vacation = time for relax. but Man laugh and say quite the contrary. Man say there all eternity for relaxation but while on earth planet it good for keep moving for enjoy what there to enjoy.


Man & Lady say there nothing like great lakes sunset. here on huron lake Man & Lady walk through woods to cobble beach and sit with monkey and wait for sun go down. sun not really go into lake. Man explain why it look that way and then simple brain of monkey understand. but monkey more interested in prettiness of sunset. not rotation of earth planet.


in case reader like sunset too here another huron lake sunset.


camping trip not last for ever and too soon it come time for go home. here picture from car of part of way home. back to civilization Man say. monkey ask if that = depressing. Man shake head and say yes monkey it certainly is.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like picture from camping trip of monkey. monkey = 100 % a + happy with great excitement. why. here why. pretty soon Man and Lady and monkey go camp again.