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Man read news story on www dot internet dot com and say what  a moral imbecile.  monkey scratch head for show not understand what mean moral imbecile & ask Man explain please.

Man say ok monkey. here way Man explain moral imbecile. here come real word of Man the way Man talk.

A moral imbecile, I think, is a cunning, manipulative, treacherous, destructive, nearly lawless, and often spiteful human creature who’s smart enough to think but not evolved enough to think and act above the most rudimentary levels of moral behavior.  A moral imbecile has little real understanding of the values of a family or a community. There’s little or no comprehension of love, empathy, or trust. There’s no concern for the values of society as a whole and respect for individual differences. There’s no sense of a social contract or reasons to participate in fostering the greater good. Words and phrases like “justice,” “democracy,” “from a moral perspective,” “universal rights,” and so forth are just words and phrases to the moral imbecile. When caught doing his or her thing, the moral imbecile does not, cannot, feel real guilt or genuine remorse. Whether it’s another politician caught with his pants down, a serial killer caught dismembering a victim, or a CEO whose company has just despoiled the environment for years to come–to them their only crime is having been caught and any apology is strictly jive.

whew say monkey. that a lot more than monkey ask for. Man say he like to be thorough when answer important question even from simple being like monkey.

monkey say maybe it better for help simple brain of monkey understand what = moral imbecile by give example. Man say ok again and make think face. then Man say here little list of group where there very good chance monkey can find many moral imbecile. but it possible for find moral imbecile anywhere.

  • politician & it not matter what party or country or century
  • racist and bigot group
  • bigmouth ideologue journalist and media personality
  • for profit corporation like tobacco and gas & oil and banking and pesticide & herbicide and etc etc etc. tobacco industry = number 1 moral imbecile. all other tie for 2nd place. like general motors what hide flaw in product while driver die.
  • cult leader or guru
  • celebrity
  • religionist
  • advertising industry
  • tyrant despot ruler and all toady supporter
  • serial killer
  • mans and ladies what say torture ok and mans and ladies what do torture
  • etc etc etc

goodbye today reader. monkey brave and ask Man if monkey = moral imbecile. Man say no because at least monkey try 100 % hard for practice golden rule for treat other earth creature with justice & fairness & respect. not like moral imbecile.