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2 brain of monkey & Man enjoy many interesting conversation about many thing like politics & book & education & mathy stuff & culture & society & music & movie & etc etc etc. monkey & Man never afraid for talk about any topic. why. here why.

it because monkey & Man both = rational & reasonable & it big fun for think about thing & share thought. even if not always agree. it good way for grow in understanding of meaning of life.

sometime monkey & Man talk about religion topic. that 1 big touchy topic thing for many mans and ladies & that puzzle simple brain of monkey.

Man have 0 religion & think life & universe wondrous enough without religion. monkey ask Man explain please how human being can live happy & good life with 0 religion. Man explain & monkey understand what Man talk about. it not hard for see how mans and ladies can = nice & moral & ethical & happy with 0 religion. Man smile and say all i lack is 100% certainty.

monkey ask Man why not write about life with 0 religion in monkey blog here. Man say it much better for reader get own idea but say if it not too scary for reader think way outside early programming for 10 minute then maybe reader go watch video thing down there. if that too scary then Man say reader better skip video & come back when monkey write blog about something else.

monkey watch whole video thing what encourage simple brain of monkey to work. then next monkey go that website what in video and read & read & think even more.

goodbye today reader. monkey know it scary thing for some human being think question about religion but monkey ask own big question. if it = ok for think & make question about everything else then why not about religion topic.