monkey not love every thing. there many thing what monkey think suck 100 %  & monkey now make list of 50 thing big & little what suck. after #1 there no particular order.

  1. worst sucking thing on whole earth planet = politician creature. it not matter if politician = republicrap or democrap or tea party thicko or etc etc. politician suck 100 % all over earth planet.
  2. anyone what claim responsibility for massacre or bombing or etc terrorist thing
  3. driver what text & blabber blab blab on phone
  4. tongue piercing
  5. ice storm what hurt tree
  6. gristle
  7. big ant in house
  8. have to take off shoe and stand in sock on filthy airport floor
  9. have to throw out favorite t shirt when hole get too big
  10. big celebrity sunglasses
  11. poverty
  12. tick & flea & louse
  13. beer what have fruit flavor. like blueberry
  14. local news blabbernatter especially sports & traffic & weather
  15. supreme court ideologue puppet judge
  16. huffington post
  17. mans and ladies what write in library book and bend down tip of page for mark spot
  18. waiter what say enjoy and are we still working on that
  19. mans and ladies what park like asshole
  20. self important celebrity & stupids what worship celebrity
  21. doughnut place with long line of car & suv & truck & etc in drive through lane what stink up air because driver too lazy for get off lazy ass and go in building place
  22. plastic shopping bag what get caught in tree way up & flap around in wind for couple year
  23. big puddle pee pee under man urinal thing in public restroom
  24. cliche of bagpipe band break out in amazing grace for tragedy thing
  25. customer service
  26. writer block
  27. wikipedia
  28. fast food meat
  29. rock classic music in commercial especially i just want to celebrate from 43 year ago
  30. jewelry on man. white pants too. little tuft hair under lip instead of beard too.
  31. lame industry award show like oscar & grammy & emmy & golden globe & etc etc etc
  32. accidental jam of finger hard up nose when wash face in shower
  33. big bang theory show on televisionon
  34. moron what say there no climate change. or earth = 6000 year old.
  35. big fat greedy sociopath corporation and plutocrat puppetmaster swine what live for concentrate wealth in own pocket and for pass down wealth to dynasty kiddies and what think raise minimum wage = terrible idea.
  36. movie theater complex place what stink from stale popcorn and have sticky floor from spill of drink
  37. right wing radio & televisionon & internet & etc
  38. vampire & werewolf & zombie book & televisionon & movie series crap
  39. second amendment of constitution of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave
  40. health guru
  41. spiritual guru
  42. gas & oil industry
  43. idea that everybody = winner
  44. aarp junk mail
  45. pop music idol
  46. psycho dictator like tubby little goon what run north korea place & man with q tip head what run syria place
  47. osphena and cialis commercial
  48. blockbuster movie
  49. mans & ladies & littles what abuse & torture & bully
  50. dog food in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave = better food than what many human being have for eat on earth planet

goodbye today reader. list above = not complete but it nice even number like list of thing monkey love yesterday. Man think reader learn maybe more about monkey brain today than yesterday but monkey not know if that = true.