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monkey not write any thing for many day. why. here why.

Man busy write book & clean yard & etc and have no time for help poor monkey write thought from simple brain in blog. today Man take little bit time for help monkey write. topic today = summer reading list. it suggestment from Man because brain of monkey not have any thing in mind for write today.

Man read many book & monkey read with Man for learn stuff of seriousness and for have fun. Man have book in pile on night stand by bed & in study room by desk already. but Man too have list of 5 book he want read this summer for learn stuff & for fun. maybe reader look for good book for summer read. or any time read. here 100 % a + help from monkey.

# 1 = the third chimpanzee what = book about human being & where human being come from & where going. here also link for find out about author mr jared diamond what sound like smart human being. if reader have interest in listen to mr jared diamond talk then go here for hear mr jared diamond talk on ted. Man go today with Lady for buy book in store.

# 2 = a midsummer nights dream what = play by mr william shakespeare. every summer Man like go back & read 1 or 2 play by mr shakespeare. in high school & university Man read shakespeare. but now Man more old and know more about life +  universe + everything & Man say it good time for go back & read shakespeare with wiser brain. shakespeare in library and online for free but if reader want buy shakespeare book Man say arden shakespeare book = best. folger library shakespeare book good too.

# 3 = Man love puzzle so this summer time he go for fun & look at Voynich manuscript. monkey see scan from yale library copy here and think it = 100 % weird. it remind monkey little bit of codex seraphinianus weirdness what remind Man little bit of hieronymous bosch painting thing.

# 4 = maddaddam what = # 3 in series of book by author lady margaret atwood. Man already have book and 1st two too but not yet find time for read maddaddam. this summer Man read maddaddam.

# 5 = zippy the pinhead book. Man love zippy and read comic strip every day. there many zippy book too. find out about zippy and zippy book etc by click link here. here something zippy say what make sense to monkey. reality distorts my sense of television.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have own reading list but if reader need good suggestment then it ok for go find book on list of Man.