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monkey remember republicrap mr willard mitt romney say corporation = people my friend. if reader forget here little reminder.

monkey still think that = crazy jive stoopididity from greedy brain of business creature like good example koch brother charles and david and lawyer tool & politician puppet cheerleader.

but ok say monkey. for little while monkey & reader pretend corporation = people my friend.

monkey ask then what kind of person = gmc what make crappy product what can kill mans and ladies and littles even when gmc know many year ago that there danger problem with crappy product.

then light bulb go on in simple brain of monkey. gmc = crappy person.

monkey go next & ask Man what kind of person = gmc. Man make think face & think for 10 second & say the kind of shallow remorseless criminal sociopath that should be lobotomized and locked up before it can do more damage.

then Man say just watch monkey and see what happen now. here prediction. leader people of gmc say boo hoo hoo very sorry to family of dead victim & make b s accept full responsibility speech & wait out big storm of public attention and news cycle &  then go and do business as usual after pay fine and every body go back asleep and forget. that the way it go in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader do like Man & not buy product from crappy corporation = people  my friend like gmc. Man say there = no moral or ethic in monster brain of crappy corporation. just $$$. ditto for petroleum & gas industry. ditto for bp. ditto ditto ditto. it all about $$$ my friend.